Botanical gardens   It was a great day there at the botanical gardens and the Holocaust center.

The Return

So i know its been a while since I’ve written anything worthwhile. I will return with more of the things I love in time. These days i’m busy with school.

Moved On

Ok, ok. Final One. No more mush. šŸ™‚ “Sigh” Lonely. That’s how you’ve left me, Feeling all down and depressed, Fearing the worst, I may never see u again. Eyes wide open, they see nothing, but the times we spent with my head close to your breast. I didn’t love u Ok. No more lies. … More Moved On


And here another of my favorites Heavenly. Enjoy i guess. They never spoke of this in church. She was in heaven and he would not let her down Never before had she felt such devotion, Never before had she felt so good, But it all started, when he knelt, Right there, that wonderful place, Her … More Heavenly


One of my more heart-felt ones here is real: Your friend, beautiful and sweet, directed me to you. Her soft eyes glowed and a smile touched her cheek. And there you were, clad in nought but air, Natural. Beautiful. Something Iā€™d never hoped to dare You beckon to me. Your scent envelops my head. I … More Real